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My Grooming service allows you to make sure your pet is well taken care of. From bathing and clipping dogs to conform to a variety of breed-specific standard styles. Detangling and removing matted hair. Drying the coat and trimming nails and much more.



Pet care

Deshedding Treatment


Full Grooming/Haircut

Beautiful Dog

Anal Glands

Your dog must be a candidate!!

Non-Anesthesia Teeth 

Showing teeth dog

Teeth Brushing


In My Customers Own Words

Our experience with Fairy Paws has been extremely awesome! We take both of our dogs to them and they are always happy and well groomed.  Ramona & Romeo love Xixi so Much. She treats our dogs like her own and they don't even get scared when grooming day comes. <3

Diana Orbes

I would recommend Xiomi every chance I get. She’s taken such great care of my dog Conchi. Not only is he a rescue and is a super nervous dog, she was actually able to get him to become her friend by the second visit...More..He usually bites and attacks people that try to touch him, nonetheless those that try to come at him with objects, like the ones she uses for grooming. Not only does he get excited to see her, but the grooming she performs is as close as a pet spa as possible. No more gunky eyes, chipped nails or smelly dog. She’s your go to lady. She loves them as her own, and that’s the care you need when leaving your furry friend in someone else’s hands. 


Xiomara has been grooming my dogs for over 2 years. I have taken them to many groomers in the past and have never left them with such ease in my mind as I do when I leave them with her. She is patient and gentle and does things at their pace calming down any reactions of anxiety they may have. She is also very accommodating to my work schedule when it comes to their grooming appointments and leaves them looking beautiful!



178 Eagle Rock Avenue, Roseland, NJ  077069


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